She has become more than our real estate agent – she has become our friend.

She has become more than our real estate agent – she has become our friend. When my wife and I first began our quest to buy the perfect house for our future it was a chilly November just before Thanksgiving. We closed on our house in July of the following year, happy with our purchase and excited to move into our new home. Over those long nine months there were exciting moments and more than a few disappointments, but along each step there was Carmen.
We first met Carmen for coffee and to give an overview of what we were looking for, our price range and a rough geographic grid where we were looking to live. I was struck at first by Carmen’s positive energy, her friendly demeanor and her enthusiasm for the process of finding a home. But in the back of my mind, I thought, that’s her job, she’s a real estate agent, they are all expected to come across that way.
Over the course of the next nine months my wife and I saw dozens of homes. We put in offers and missed the cut on half a dozen. We went when it was cold. We got rained on. We stomped through fresh snow. We saw houses on Saturdays and Sundays and nights after work. We went to contract and had to back out after appraisal. We spent hours and hours and hours working to find the home that was just right.
Along each step, there was Carmen.
She and her team were knowledgeable about not only about available properties, but trends in prices, local crime rates, strength of schools and all the relevant details for choosing the best location to live. She was there to pick us up from the Metro and drove us to the houses in her car. She was there to talk us through the process of making our first offers and the letdown when it didn’t work out. She was on the phone so many late nights with my wife that it became a part of our routine: Get home, eat dinner, talk to Carmen. When it was finally time to go to closing she talked us and coached us through each step, each detail and provided us contacts for all the additional people we would need to close the deal. For all those months, she never missed a thing, never was late, never complained or even hinted at being worn out from the process, never gave us anything but her best counsel about the right decision for us. I know she must have had other clients, but I can’t imagine how she fit them in because she spent so much time and energy on us.
When our baby is born and we have our friends over to celebrate in our new home, Carmen will be there for that step too. She has become more than our real estate agent – she has become our friend.
This was our first home, and Carmen delivered on every promise she made, all her enthusiasm, all her excitement from that first day and made us feel safe, secure, informed and cared for throughout the process. She works phenomenally hard and is professional but above all cares about the dreams of her clients and works to do anything to help those dreams come true. If these are the attributes you seek in your agent, Carmen and her team will deliver every step of the way.

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