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Washington, DC is constantly undergoing innovative and exciting changes. Most recently, an incredible transformation has occurred, with multitudes of young people re-shaping the city. What used to be a destination for mainly government professionals, DC is now a trendy hotspot, with various neighborhoods as unique and diverse as its inhabitants. These neighborhoods are undergoing the most dramatic transformations, with new high-end luxury condominiums and renovations to the older establishments. DC is considered a "pop-up" city: new restaurants, specialty shops, and organic grocery stores catering to a younger and chic populous "pop-up" almost every week, becoming the new go-to meeting area for friends, colleagues, and families. In 2012 the New York Times identified DC as the #1 city where people under 30 are moving to.

Over the last decade, the H Street NEcorridor has been revitalized as a nightlife district with the refurbishment of historic buildings and the influx of bars and restaurants. H Street NE has been selected as one of the first locations for the new DC Streetcars, which are expected to begin service sometime in 2014.

What was once the site of estates and orchards and industrialized when incorporated into L'Enfant's grid system, CITY NAME is now an area of recent redevelopment. Many young couples are moving into the Victorian-style row houses that have since been converted into multi-family townhomes with two or more units. The site of the historic former Gage School has been converted into a 92-unit condominium project that is thought to be the catalyst of the neighborhood's revitalization. The area now has its own farmers' market, while new bars and restaurants continue to open every month.

Some say that Eckington, an developing stylish neighborhood, is the new Bloomingdale, Eckington's upscale neighbor just to the east.Not only is Eckington less than two miles from the Capitol, but as it develops, Eckington boasts abundant lower prices which are very attractive to young professionals seeking affordable homes in this prime location.

As you arrive in Shaw, the neighborhood surrounding the intersection of Georgia and Rhode Island Avenues, you will immediately see filled dog parks and trendy cafes peppered along the streets. This young neighborhood is close to the trendy U Street Corridor, populated with top-rated shops, restaurants, and theaters associated. It's prime location and mix of townhomes and condominiums attracts young professionals as well as couples and new families.

The U Street Corridor, located just northwest of Shaw, boasts a lively nightlife due to many bars, restaurants, and venues along U Street. Lined with lovely condominiums, U Street Corridor is a neighborhood that never bores and always has new events on the horizon.

14th Street intersects with U Street, forming a corridor that runs through Columbia Heights to the north and Logan Circle to the south. 14th Street has been called one of the trendiest areas by many, with top-rated restaurants, lounges, and a wide variety of bars. Small shops and organic grocery stores are speckled throughout, creating a lively day and nightlife for residents. It is the go-to area for happy hour with colleagues, bar specials with friends, and a chic dinner with the family.

Petworth is a mostly residential neighborhood bordered on the west by Georgia Avenue, with New Hampshire and Kansas Avenues cutting through the center. It is a popular destination for those who like their space from the center of the city, while still a stone's throw from the liveliness that is DC. Popular to young couples and families, Petworth is the ideal location for settling down in the city.

16th Street Heights is the area between 16th Street and Georgia Avenue just north of Columbia Heights. It is mostly residential with a few commercial districts. Renovation is constantly underway, redeveloping houses, townhouses, and apartments into luxurious homes. Combined with the area's proximity to Rock Creek Park and the relative affordability of the neighborhood, the availability of diverse housing stock has made 16th Street Heights desirable to many young couples.

Anacostia is one of the few well-known neighborhoods in the southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. It is home to many baseball fans, with the development of the Nationals Park across the river in Navy Yard. Restaurants, shops, and bars are more frequently opened with the new and popular baseball dome nearby. It is located around the intersection of Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King Junior Avenue along the Anacostia River, from which the neighborhood gets its name.

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